The Rotary Club of Thornbury
Meeting at the Ship Inn, Alveston, Gloucestershire
The Rotary Walkathon
Mundy Playing Fields
Saturday 17th September to Saturday October 1st 2022
Team Leader Instructions
Apply to join in: Individual walkers or teams are welcome to take part.  Click here to enter by downloading the editable Team Entry Form, completing and submitting it. Once we acknowledge your application you can get underway  
Raise Sponsorship: Collect sponsor names using the printable sponsorship form or email a list to You and your sponsors can pay in donations by clicking the Just Giving link (above - also on the Thornbury Rotary website home page.)
Choose your walk date Plan the best day for your team to do their walking challenge between 17th September and October 1st
You can do the walk on any (or all!) of the days during the Walkathon fortnight. Choose a time that works best for you and your walking partners.
On the day Parking is limited on the Mundy Playing Fields. If you are driving to please consider using one of the car parks in Rock Street or Castle Court. Remember to use the long stay section if you are planning to walk for more than 2 hours and check car park opening hours.
Please observe the social distancing guidelines that are in place at the time and don’t congregate in large groups before or after the event
The walk itself Before you start your walk please explain the following points to your team:
   1.  Ensure that your team is aware of and adhere to the COVID guidelines in force at the time of your walk
   2.  Remind everyone to wear suitable clothing and shoes for the walk
   3.  It’s a good idea to have some water and sunscreen handy
   4.  Please respect other walkers and people using the area you are walking in, particularly at the bridges
        and passing points
After the walk: After you have celebrated completing your challenge, make sure your team continues to collect money from their sponsors after the event. If your team members would like a Walkathon certificate for completing the challenge please ensure that an accurate list is sent with the sponsorship form.
By the end of October: Please check the sponsorship money from all your walkers has been collected and submitted via the Just Giving website Or send us your team’s sponsorship forms with the cash and cheques (details of where to do this are on the Sponsorship Form).
All walkers take part in the event at their own risk. Please follow the COVID guidelines in force at the time of the eventd>