The Rotary Club of Thornbury
Meetings at Eastwood Park. Falfield, Gloucestershire

How to Join in the FUN
1. Form a team.
To participate in the fun that is Swimarathon all you need to do is form a team of up to 6 people who each are able to swim at least 25 metres and who, between you, are able to swim for 55 minutes. Your swimming team may be of any age. You will need a Team Leader to submit your entry and organise things. Instructions are on the website or contact below1.
2. Raise sponsorship.
Get a copy of the Sponsorship Form from the website or contact (1) below, and use this to obtain sponsorship for your team. Some sponsors may like to donate by debit/credit card and this can be done online using the MyDonate link.
3. Prepare for the swim:
Get plenty of swimming practice before the event. There are various swimming pools and fitness centres that can help you improve your fitness levels and swimming before the event. E.g.
4. Bring to the pool for your swim.
As well as your swimming kit, bring your sponsorship form(s) and any monies you have been given so far to hand in to the Swimarathon Front Desk when you arrive, but don’t forget to collect the form afterwards to continue collecting your sponsorship money. (We will record any online sponsorship while you are swimming.)
5. Arrive in good time for the event.
Arrive at the Leisure Centre approximately 25 minutes before the swim and make sure your Team Leader has your name on the Team Members list when you arrive for your swim so we can produce your Certificate.
6. Enjoy the event.
This is a relay event - only one team member at a time will be swimming, everyone else will be cheering you on. Your Team Leader will make sure you understand the rules and how to take part.
7. After your swim.
Pick up your sponsorship forms and your Certificate from the Swimarathon Front Desk.
8. Collect & send in the sponsorship money.
Collect the remaining sponsorship money you have generated and send in the money and the forms. (For details see the sponsorship form.)
(1) Contact details - for information: see Website:
Queries: email or phone 07395 569958